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Wearable Survival Gear | The Official Bracelet of the Apocalypse

If you’re like me, you’re looking for stylish man-jewelry (call it “gear” if it makes you feel better) that can help you survive the impending apocalypse. This bad boy says, “yep, I’m OK wearing a bracelet ‘cause in a pinch I can unravel it to 8 feet of durable paracord that can strangle a snakehead or set a trip cord for an unyielding aggressor.”

I made this one very quickly and easily after watching this useful video. And if you are remotely concerned this may be confused with less manly activities like knitting, keep in mind it’s constructed of a cobra weave. That’s bad ass.

Made one for my boy too. His unravels to 6 feet so that together we have 14 feet of survival strand.